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Swap out your cap and gown for a new set of keys and wheels with Scion's Grad Program. Get a $1000 allowance* towards the purchase or approved lease of a vehicle from Scion's stellar line-up, as you enter into life's next chapter.

Grads from eligible high schools, colleges, CEGEP, or universities can take advantage of these exclusive savings.

Your future is bright…

Want to lease or finance a Scion vehicle? Scion aims to put more approved graduates behind the wheel, even without an established credit history. Lease or finance through Toyota Financial Services (TFS), and you may also be eligible for the TFS Grad Program, providing a reduction to your lease or finance rate in addition to the Scion posted rate. Plus, qualifying graduates that prefer to lease can "waive" goodbye to the security deposit and say hello to savings.

* The Grad Program cash incentive includes taxes and is applied after taxes have been charged on the full amount of the negotiated price. See your Scion Dealer for full program details.

Program subject to change without notice.

Program Details

  • All new and unregistered Scion models (including demonstrators of these models), delivered by an authorized Scion dealer.

  • The Scion Grad Program Allowance is in addition to the Scion posted rate that is available from Scion at the time of delivery.

  • The vehicle must be registered in the name of the applicant.

  • The dealer must submit Scion Grad Program Allowance Applications within 30 days of vehicle delivery to be eligible for the Grad Allowance.

  • Each graduate is only eligible to receive the Grad Allowance one time under this program.

  • The graduate is not eligible for the Scion Grad Program if the Toyota Grad Program has been used previously by the graduate.

Minimum Requirement

Eligible Programs* Minimum Length Criteria
High School** 4 Years Must have graduated from a full-time high school within the last four years.
Accredited College*** 2 Years Must be graduating within four months or have graduated within the last four years.
Accredited University or CEGEP**** 2 Years Must be graduating within four months or have graduated within the last four years.

* Post graduate and graduate degrees are eligible

** Recognized high schools are educational institutions offering programs up to grade 12 or secondary 5 in Quebec

*** Accredited Colleges and Universities are educational institutions offering programs consisting of a minimum of two years or 16 months of study.

**** For CEGEP in Quebec the DEC technical programs and DEP professional programs are eligible


The dealership is responsible to ascertain that the applicant meets the required terms and conditions before an Allowance Application Form is submitted.

Upon acceptance of the application or if the application does not meet the program's terms and conditions, the dealership will be notified.

Toyota Financial Services Grad Program Details

Approval of the Grad Program Allowance from Toyota Canada Inc. does not automatically include TFS approval of a lease or finance contract.

How to Qualify for Financing and Leasing under the TFS Grad Program:

  1. Grad Eligibility:

    Must be within four months of graduation or have graduated within the last four years from an accredited College/CEGEP or University. Applicants must meet the terms and conditions of the Scion Grad Allowance Program set by Scion Canada.

  2. Credit History:

    If you are a graduate of an accredited College/CEGEP or University, no previous credit history is necessary. If you have already established some credit, it should be favourable.

  3. Employment:

    You must be working full time, or have an offer of employment that begins within four months of the credit application.

  4. Income:

    Your salary should sufficiently cover vehicle payments, insurance, and living expenses. In general, the amount being borrowed should not exceed your annual salary.

  5. Down Payment:

    A down payment is usually not necessary. Most graduates will easily qualify for a loan or lease.

Scion Grad Program benefits may not be combined with Customer Loyalty Programs.