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Toyota Prius Prime 2022

Toyota Prius Prime 2022 for more versatility?

How to find as much versatility as in the Toyota Prius Prime? Would an electric / gasoline plug-in model be ideal for you? Come check it out.

Toyota Prius Prime 2021: versatility

Toyota prius-prime 2022

Are you worried about running out of battery? No longer worry about driving above the electric range, because the hybrid and plug-in vehicle continues to take you forward and very, very far. Is there anything more reliable than a hybrid powertrain? Isn't it time to drive a super economy car worry-free? Come and enjoy.

Design: a really special style

Prius Prime - design: a really special style

In fact, the Toyota Prius Prime is hybrid and pluggable with an assertive style. And you benefit from Toyota's exacting standards, world-renowned reliability and exceptional performance.
Three distinct driving modes to maximize power and fuel efficiency. And these modes automatically switch from one to another or in combination depending on road conditions.

Very high level security

In addition to the proven and recognized Star safety system from Toyota, you will be pleasantly surprised by the standard active safety system SafetySense 2.0 (TSS) including collision prevention with detection of pedestrians and cyclists, lane keeping assistance, automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control. These systems work together to put your mind at ease every time you drive, and they work proactively to help you stay in control of your Prius Prime. The blind spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert system as well as the intelligent clearance sonar with park assist can be added as an option.


Prius Prime - Performance

On the engine side, a naturally aspirated 1.8-liter 4-cylinder paired with an electric drive with a combined power equal to 121 horsepower, being enough to get from point A to point B, but without having a blast. Imagine, you benefit from a fuel consumption to make jealous, either in city 4.3 L, on highway 4.4 L and combined 5.1 L per 100 km. And 1.8 L per 100 km in EV mode on your Prius Prime. A range of 40 kilometers on battery and 1035 km of total autonomy (battery and fuel tank combined). Your braking converts kinetic energy into electricity, helping to recharge the hybrid battery. A chassis with a very low center of gravity promoting superior performance and handling and with sharp sides reduce air friction,


Prius Prime - Equipment and accessories: the ultimate in comfort

A spacious, inviting, and comfortable interior awaits you. As with all Toyota's, very ergonomic and heated front seats await you. Not to mention the flexible suspension to isolate you and your passengers from the ups and downs of the road.


Prius Prime - Infotainment

You will be seduced by the multimedia system with a large screen, rather vertical and high, allowing a faster return of vision to the road. And you'll also find Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in SiriusXM satellite radio (with a 3-month trial subscription to SiriusXM Privilege) as well as advanced voice recognition and more.

To see, discover, marvel and adopt

In two models with several groups, enough to satisfy your requirements and your needs, from $ 35,020 up to $ 40,210.

Government incentives and rebates for the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles

Take advantage of a $6,500 rebate thanks to incentives offered by the Government of Canada and the Gourvernement du Québec to consumers who purchase or lease electric or hybrid vehicles. This rebate applies to the purchase or lease of a Prius Prime.

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